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Organising Voluntary Projects Overseas since 1994.


“Sa-wat-dee” Hello and Welcome to Thailand! Come and enjoy turquoise seas and palm-fringed island beaches in the South, jungle-cloaked mountains and tranquil river villages in the North - and everything from golden Buddhist temples to booming Bangkok nightclubs in between!

Our programmes are extremely good for the local community and include working up close and personal with magnificently awesome elephants and providing much-needed teaching to underprivileged children.

Care for rescued elephants in Thailand
Care for Rescued Elephants in Kanchanaburi
Help care for rescued and sick elephants. You'll work hands-on, including swimming with the elephants, preparing food and making sure they're comfortable ...
Volunteer to teach deserving but underprivileged children in schools in Thailand
Teach Underprivileged Children in Schools in Singburi in Thailand
Teach English, Environmental Issues, Current Festivals or even Physical Education at primary and secondary schools to children from 4 to 21. Lots of added activities are ...