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Care for Elephants in an Elephant Sactuary in Kanchanaburi in Thailand on a voluntary project with Budget Volunteering

NEW! THAILAND: Care for Rescued Elephants in an Elephant Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi
Help to take care of rescued and sick elephants. You'll work hands-on with them, including swimming with the elephants, preparing food and making sure the elephants are comfortable.

The rescued elephants are relocated to the Sanctuary. Many of them were injured, sick or unable to survive where they had been previously located, Instead they are cared for in the Sanctuary, with your help.


Volunteering Project Teaching Children in Thailand on a gap year or career break with Budget Volunteering

Teach Children in Government Schools in Singburi in Thailand

On this volunteering project you'll teach English to students at various primary and secondary schools. The children range in age from 4 to 21. The schools accept a non-formal approach to teaching so you'll be free to choose your own way of teaching and may bring new ideas into class.

This is a very rewarding project with huge benefits for the children!


Teach children in schools in Thailand as part of your volunteering holiday with Budget Volunteering