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Care for Elephants in an Elephant Sactuary in Kanchanaburi in Thailand on a voluntary project with Budget Volunteering


Volunteering, gap year and career break in Thailand

Volunteer to take care of rescued and sick elephants. You'll work hands-on with them, including swimming with the elephants, preparing food and making sure the elephants are living in a comfortable environment.

The rescued elephants are relocated to the Sanctuary. Many of them were injured, sick or unable to survive where they had been previously located, Instead they are cared for in the Sanctuary, with your help.



Please see the Prices Page - prices for all projects and all lengths are listed and you can also choose which currency you'd like to see them in.

Duration This is a fixed-duration project of 1 week
Start Dates Projects start every weekend and end on a Saturday, all year round - you choose your start and finish dates.
Requirements No qualifications or experience required, but you must have lots of enthusiasm and initiative, and a great love of elephants and their well-being. Minimum age 17.
What's included
  • Arranging your Programme

  • Full pre-departure support and assistance

  • Payment Protection Insurance

  • Accommodation

  • Food while on the project

  • Daily transport to and from your project

  • Local in-country team support and backup

  • 24-hr emergency support.

What's not included
  • Flights,
  • Insurance,
  • Cost of Visas (if a visa is required).
  • Food whilst in Bangkok,
  • Return transfer to the departure airport

Care for Elephants in an Elephant Sactuary in Kanchanaburi in Thailand on a voluntary project with Budget Volunteering


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This project is first and foremost a sanctuary for old, sick, disabled, abused or illegal elephants. As a volunteer here, the concept is very much that you will work for the elephant's wellbeing and not the other way round. The sanctuary offers a much needed home and better quality of life to elephants who are require a lot of hands on care and attention, and that’s where your help is needed!

You will help with preparing food and feeding the elephants, as well as swimming and cleaning them. (With regular mud baths – what fun!) You’ll also help to plant banana grass and cut trees – an important food source for elephants – as well as mucking in and cleaning out their enclosures.

The project is located on a stunning lake and offers the unforgettable experience of being able to spend time and bond with the elephants whilst they’re in their natural habitat.

A lot of your time will be spent working alongside experienced mahouts, who spend their entire lives gaining an understanding of the elephants and how best to care for them. You’ll learn more about these fascinating mammals from the mahouts – their knowledge is invaluable.

The elephants freely roam and explore the sanctuary by day, and then are taken to the forest early in the evening time. Each afternoon has a fun activity which you can get stuck into – whether it’s visiting the beautiful Lake Erawan Waterfalls or taking a bamboo raft along a nature trail.

This project is a great way to get a true experience of Thai culture and to work closely with elephants in genuine need of help.


When you arrive, you will spend the weekend in Singburi before being transferred to Kanchanaburi early on Monday morning.

Monday to Friday:
Each day is different, you’ll take an important part in tasks which are needed to help care for and nurture the rescued elephants.

Introduction to the project. Today you’ll be preparing the elephants food and feeding them, before walking them to the river and bathing with them (mud bath!) A memorable experience! After this you’ll take the elephants back into forest, before experiencing a Thai welcome ceremony and dinner. To finish off your first day, you’ll take part in a Thai culture class and watch an elephant

You'll start the day by going to see the elephants, and then it’s time to muck out and clean their enclosures. Afterwards you’ll help prepare the food for the elephants. This will include planting banana grass or cutting trees and banana grass. Then you’ll get to relax, floating on a raft on the river Kwai. After dinner, a Thai elephant documentary will be watched.

A fun hike to the top of a nearby mountain and a visit to the elephants will start your day, all before breakfast! You’ll spend today preparing fruit and cleaning the fruit shop before its mud bath time. In the afternoon, you’ll get to experience the beautiful Erawan waterfalls.

Explore the village by bike before breakfast, and then it’s time to plant food for the elephants. After lunch you’ll help clean the bathing area, and take a bamboo raft and nature trail to a setting in the forest where you’ll set up camp for a fantastic evening with your fellow volunteers.

Today you’ll begin the day by making salt lick for the wild animals, feeding the elephants at the river and of course washing them! After lunch you will cut grass or sugarcane for the elephants. In the evening there will be a farewell party followed by karaoke!

After breakfast, you will depart from the elephant sanctuary. You will be taken to the bus station in Kanchanaburi and from there you will make your own way back to Bangkok, or your next destination!

**Please note; This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.**

Care for Elephants in an Elephant Sactuary in Kanchanaburi in Thailand on a voluntary project with Budget Volunteering

Care for Elephants in an Elephant Sactuary in Kanchanaburi in Thailand on a voluntary project with Budget Volunteering

Care for Elephants in an Elephant Sactuary in Kanchanaburi in Thailand on a voluntary project with Budget Volunteering

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Accommodation is provided in a spacious, idyllic, bamboo bungalow which will be shared with other volunteers. Showers, bathroom, mosquito nets and a comfortable decking are all provided.


Three healthy and delicious meals will be provided each day, carefully balancing Thai food for the Western tongue.

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Care for Elephants volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand


Aims and Objectives:
Being a sanctuary, this project focuses on re-locating elephants. Many were injured, sick or unable to survive in previous locations. At the Sanctuary the elephants are deeply cared for. The Sanctuary tries to replicate the elephant's natural environment as closely as possible so as to ensure that the elephants are comfortable and stress-free in their surroundings.

The location:
The town of Kanchanaburi manages the delicate balance of remaining very traditional, whilst accommodating the needs of tourists. Its surrounding limestone hills create an unimaginable beauty, furthered by its numerous bamboo-style buildings, its beautiful meandering rivers and unique temple caves.

Kanchanaburi is truly one of the country's natural gems and the perfect place to indulge in nature and participate in the Elephant project.

Once you have applied for a placement, we'll contact you and send you our Welcome Pack. You'll also receive Log-on details and password for our Volunteer Extranet where you'll have access to all the documentation and information which we've put together to facilitate preparations for your adventure!

Your Project Co-ordinator for your country will liaise with you throughout the arrangements process, as well as while you're on your placement and on your return home.

As with all our destinations, the culture and heritage is different to what you're used to ... which, although one of the most exciting aspects of travelling, should be borne in mind.    Self-reliance and independence are highly appreciated in all our destinations and will help you to make the most of this wonderful opportunity! 

Care for Elephants in an Elephant Sactuary in Kanchanaburi in Thailand on a voluntary project with Budget Volunteering

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Bangkok is not for the faint hearted! This is South East Asia’s largest, most frenetic, over polluted, traffic congested capital city. But don’t let that put you off! This will all become part of the charm.

By day and night, Bangkok is fast paced - this is a city for indulgence and fun, with action at all hours. One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of this country is to live and breathe it;

  • Visit the traditional floating markets on the outskirts of Bangkok, where traders sell their wares from wooden boats, weighed down by kilos of bananas and other exotic fruits as garlands of jasmine hang off the boats stern.
  • Walk through China Town early in the morning and watch stall owners carry boxes of merchandise that tower over them, weighing two or three times their body weight.
  • Snack on some fresh pineapple or watermelon carefully sliced by a roadside vendor as you soak in the sights and smells of the city before the midday heat encourages you inside to air conditioned safety.
  • Watch tuk tuk’s laden with people screech past, weaving in and out of traffic.
  • Enjoy some freshly cooked Pad Thai from a street vendor. This is a mixture of noodles and bean sprouts stir fried with an egg and served with a generous portion of chilli sauce, or for the brave, a heaping of additional dried chilli.
  • Take in sunset from a river cruise and marvel at Bangkok’s diverse skyline, from modern gleaming skyscrapers to the pointed gold roof’s of glittering temples.
Visit the Grand Palace, a decadent spectacle which used to be residence to the King of Thailand and now has a temple for the Emerald Buddha.

The grand palace is one of the most striking pieces of art in Thailand, with gargoyles, dragons and warriors incredibly re-constructed in glittering mosaics.

Care for Elephants volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Care for Elephants volunteering at an Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

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