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Coach Sports in Australia

AUSTRALIA: Coach Sports in Primary/Junior Schools in Perth

Combine coaching sports with teaching to children in Primary Schools in Perth. The majority of schools are Intensive English Centres, where you'll coach refugee children and also do some teaching at the same time, helping them to adjust to their new home country. Many of the children come from war-torn countries such as Sudan and Somalia.

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INDIA: Coach a Variety of Sports to Children in Schools in Madurai
Coach a variety of sports in an Englih-Medium school with children ranging from 3 to 18. Popular sports at the school include: Basketball, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton and Table Tennis.

Sport is taught during Physical Education (PE) classes throughout the day.

INDIA: Coach Football to Children in Schools in Madurai
Indian children are wonderful to coach and very enthusiastic about learning sport. They turn up for training eager to learn new skills and play a game. 

You'll usually coach for 3 to 5 hours at one school, but  you may coach in two sessions and at two different venues. You'll work in secondary schools and you'll help out with all age groups.

Coach Sports and Teach Children in Schools in New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND: Coach Sports and Teach to Children in a School in Auckland
Coach sports to children in schools in New Zealand. You can assist with a specific sport, or many different sports, depending on what's required at the time you're there.

You'll teach disadvantaged children at a school in the mornings as well as offering much needed help in the classroom.

In the afternoons and evenings, you may be able to coach in a Sports Club. The Sports available include: Athletics, Baseball, Cricket, Gymnastics, Hockey, Rugby and Tennis.

Coach Sports to Children in SOuth Africa

SOUTH AFRICA: Coach Sports to Children in Township Schools in Knysna
Combine sports coaching with some teaching in poor township schools in the coastal resort of Knysna. Sports classes are run in conjunction with Life Orientation classes. The purpose of these classes is to develop Team work, Confidence, Self Esteem, Communication Skills and Leadership.

You can coach a variety of sports, such as Cricket, Football, Netball and Rugby. Although the facilities are basic, there is a lot that you can do to give the children skills and enthusiasm.

ZAMBIA: Coach Sports to Children in Livingstone
Coach a variety of sports to underprivileged children in schools in Livingstone, very close to the awesome Victoria Falls! We teamed up with the Ministry for Youth and Sport to establish a programme to coach sports to poor children, some of which they generally don't have the opportunity to learn.

Sports you can coach include Football, Rugby, Cricket, Volleyball, Netball & Basketball. You don't need any qualifications, just a knowledge of your sport and a passion to pass your skills on to deserving children.

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