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CONSERVATION: Whale and Dolphin Monitoring and Research Project in Knysna, South Africa

NEW! CONSERVATION: Whale and Dolphin Monitoring and Research Project in Knysna, South Africa

Work with the only licensed and permitted close encounter whale-watching organisation in Knysna. You'll collect research material, including daily sightings of the various species of whales and dolphins, recurring visits and the migratory habits of the whales and dolphins in the area.

This Marine Research programme will expose you to all parts of this exciting industry, from conservation and research to all other aspects of the day-to-day running, including marketing, liaising with clients, crewing and guiding on the boats, doing land to sea whale spotting, assisting with community projects and educating the local children about the sea and lagoon.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0645-1040  

CONSERVATION: Wildlife Rehabilitation / Care for Animals in KwaZulu-Natal

Up close and personal with Vervet Monkeys and many other wildlife and birds, most of whom have been injured or abandoned.

Work with over 400 different animals and birds, and lots of monkeys! This excellent project is based in a beautiful Rehabilitation Centre in KwaZulu-Natal.

Much of the work usually involves hands-on caring and nursing of injured or baby animals, e.g. bottle-feeding them or cleaning wounds. You'll mother it and care for it until it is recovered or old enough. Then you'll teach it to survive on its own so that it can be released back into the wild.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0204-0231  

CONSERVATION: Multi-Marine Project with Sharks, Whales and Dolphins, near Cape Town

Sharks, Whales, Penguins, Seals, Dolphins... this is an extraordinary project in a beautiful location, two hours from Cape Town. Fantastic!

Work with sharks, whales, penguins, tourism, research and community development. You’ll be taught, guided and lectured by skilled field teams.

Go on whale watching trips that are magical and rewarding. See penguins dancing on the sand.  Laugh at the antics of hundreds of seals in their colonies on Dyer Island. And of course the Great White Shark, the greatest predatory force of the seas that remains a mystery to man.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0215-0246


ANIMAL CARE: Care for animals in a Wildlife Sanctuary

Hands-on work with injured or abandoned animals of all types. This is a very popular project and can be combined with any other project in South Africa.

You'll assist in a Sanctuary set in a small private game reserve in the Eastern Cape. You'll help in hand-rearing, feeding and generally looking after many different animal species, including over 250 different species of birds. The sanctuary receives many abandoned, abused, injured or orphaned animals that all need love and attention to prepare them for life back in the wild, if possible, or a safe life in the Sanctuary. Many animals breed there, so there are often young animals to care for that need regular feeding and attention.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0202-0228


CONSERVATION: Zululand Wildlife and Game Reserve Conservation Expedition

Get involved with exciting, endangered and priority species conservation work in the heart of Africa. You'll work across different Game Reserves, each unique in their own way.

You'll work with a professional team (who are supported by WWF amongst others), with Cheetah, African Wild Dog and Black Rhino, as well as priority species like Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo. Experience genuine conservation work and find out what Africa is really about.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0472-0681


Care for Poor Children in a Creche in South Africa

Care for Disadvantaged Children in a Creche in Knysna

Care for children at a crèche in Knysna. Help prepare the children for primary school. Many of the children come from underprivileged homes so any help they get is greatly appreciated. You'll use fun activities and educational programmes to greatly benefit their social and mental development.

You'll have a lot of freedom to set up your own day's activities, if you would like to, and also to paint murals to brighten up the class rooms. Activities include singing, painting, reading, educational classes (like learning the alphabet) and playing with educational toys.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0512-0755


Care for Children in a Safe-House in a Township in Knysna

Assist the trained Carers in a children’s Safe-House in the local township by helping to care for children from abusive backgrounds. You'll work with a variety of ages, from assisting in the soup kitchen, general caring for the youngsters, and observing counselling to HIV sufferers.

You'll help with basic Reading, Writing, Maths, play games with the children, help them with their homework and generally keep them stimulated and entertained by providing educational activities.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0581-0933


Street Kids: Social Work and Care with Children in Knysna

Work at a Youth Development Centre in a township on the outskirts of the beach resort of Knysna, helping out with basic schooling, such as reading or writing, to community projects, job skills and life skills lessons.

The purpose is to get the youngsters ready to be taken back into the mainstream schooling and domestic home life again again and to give them the skills that will enable them to become a fully functioning employable member of society Many have been away from schooling for too many years. A very worthwile project.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0224-0255


Teach Children in South Africa

Teach Township Children in Schools in Knysna

Teach disadvantaged children in township schools in the beautiful coastal resort town of Knysna. You can choose to work with primary or secondary schools.

Generally you'll teach conversational English but you can teach a variety of other academic subjects if you'd like to, as well as Sports, Drama, Arts and Music. The choice is yours. Any and all assistance from volunteers is greatly appreciated and benefits the children tremendously.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0301-0361


Teach Drama to Poort Children in South Africa

Teach Drama, Music or Dance to Township Children in Schools in Knysna

Work with children from very poor townships, giving them exposure to cultural activities and enabling their creativity to shine through. This project is based in the beautiful beach resort of Knysna. Some of things you could do include:

Organising and putting on drama workshops, organising an after-school drama club, helping the local school children to put on a small-scale productions, in Drama, Dance and/or Music, giving Dance lessons and Music lessons, helping out with conversational English classes

BOOK NOW CODE:  0245-0284


Coach Sports to Township Children in Schools in Knysna

Combine sports coaching with some teaching in poor township schools in the coastal resort of Knysna. Sport classes are run in conjunction with the Life Orientation classes, which develop Team work, Confidence, Self-esteem, Communication Skills and Leadership.

You can coach a variety of sports, such as Cricket, Football, Netball and Rugby. Although facilities are basic, there is a lot that you can do.

The schools cater for many children from the poorer township community The average class size is between 15 and 40.

BOOK NOW CODE:  0245-0283


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