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Volunteering programmes available in New Zealand where you can teach children, help care for children and vulnerable adults, coach sports and gain valuable experience on work experience internships on your gap year or career break
Teach Children in New Zealand

Teach Children in a School in Auckland
Teach at a school in the largest city in New Zealand, Auckland. You will be teaching at a school where the children are from underprivileged countries and communities. Many of the children come from different backgrounds and countries such as Somalia, Ethiopia and the South Pacific islands.

You'll work as an assistant teacher, helping small groups of children in a variety of subjects. You may also be asked to work one-to-one with some of the children who particularly need help. This close interaction and undivided attention from you helps to raise their standards of education. This is a very worthwhile project that will give you lots of personal satisfaction.


Teach Music to Children in New Zealand

Teach Music to Children in a School in

Work as an assistant to the Music teacher, with opportunity to teach a number of different musical instruments, singing, and more. You'll also have the opportunity to teach Drama, English and a choice of other subjects, if you'd like to.

As an Assistant to the Music Teacher, you'll have the opportunity to work one-to-one and in small groups with the children to assist them with their music and really give them the attention they need. A very enjoyable and worthwhile project!

Coach Sports and Teach Children in Schools in New Zealand

Coach Sports and Teach to Children in a School in Auckland
Coach sports to children in schools in New Zealand. You can assist with a specific sport, or many different sports, depending on what's required at the time you're there.

You'll teach disadvantaged children at a school in the mornings as well as offering much needed help in the classroom.

In the afternoons and evenings, you may be able to coach in a Sports Club. The Sports available include: Athletics, Baseball, Cricket, Gymnastics, Hockey, Rugby and Tennis.


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