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Language, Dance, Photography, Shark Diving and Meditation options for your volunteering gap year or career break

Do a Salsa course in colourful Buenos Aires in Argentina

Photography Course in Buenos Aires in Argentina

ARGENTINA: Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires. 
You can study Spanish on a structured course at the University of Buenos Aires or with private tutors who will tailor your lessons to your individual needs.

Your lesson schedule will allow plenty of time for sightseeing and absorbing the experience of being in Argentina.

ARGENTINA: Learn the Fiery Tango in Buenos Aires. 
Learn to Dance in Buenos Aires, home of the flamboyant Tango! You'll have five 1-hour lessons per week with a private Tango teacher, who will tailor your programme to your individual level of expertise.

You'll also get the chance to see a Tango Show in a local theatre. Currently, “Homero Manzi” and "La Esquina Balcarce" are both popular shows which interpret the story and history of Tango from its early beginnings to date.

ARGENTINA: Learn to Dance the Salsa in Buenos Aires
They say that if you can Salsa, you can do anything! You'll have lessons with a private Salsa teacher of Cuban origin who will tailor your programme to your individual level of expertise. The course consists of five private Salsa classes per week, each lasting one hour.

You can also combine this with the Tango Course and learn both at the same time.

ARGENTINA: Photography Courses in Buenos Aires
Study photography in Buenos Aires with an experienced private tutor who will tailor your lessons to your individual needs. Classes include practical teaching, analysis of your work, theory and history - and regular opportunities to explore and capture this wonderful city with your camera!

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SOUTH AFRICA: Cage Dive with the Great White Shark near Cape Town. 
Sharks, Whales, Penguins, Seals, Dolphins... this is an extraordinary project in a beautiful location, white beaches and blue ocean. And two hours from Cape Town. Work with sharks, whales, penguins, tourism, research and community development. You’ll be taught, guided and lectured by very skilled field teams.

Definitely one for your Bucket List!

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