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Volunteer teaching Children in India

Teach English and Other Subjects to Children in Schools in Madurai

Teach conversational English and a choice of subjects in India. All teaching is very much appreciated, so you can combine your teaching with Music, Drama, French, German, Arts and Crafts or Sports.

You can work in nursery, primary and secondary schools, with delightful children who are very keen to learn. This project is totally flexible.


Teach Drama to Poor Children in India

Teach Drama to Disadvantaged Children in Schools in Madurai

You'll teach drama to children from the ages of 5 to 12, mainly at matriculation schools where English is taught as the main language. The Principals at the schools are very keen for the children to develop their acting skills and you'll have free rein on devising your own lessons.

You may even be able to put on a production at the school. You'll normally teach 4 to 5 classes per day.


Coach a Variety of Sports to Children in Schools in Madurai

Coach a variety of sports in an Englih-Medium school with children ranging from 3 to 18. Popular sports at the school include: Basketball, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton and Table Tennis.

Sport is taught during Physical Education (PE) classes throughout the day. The schools have only basic equipment and potholed pitches, and some even use the car park as a playing ground ... but the children love sports!


Coach Football to Children in Schools in Madurai

Indian children are wonderful to coach and very enthusiastic about learning sport. They turn up for training eager to learn new skills and play a game. 

You'll usually coach for 3 to 5 hours at one school, but  you may coach in two sessions and at two different venues. You'll work in secondary schools and you will normally help out with all age groups.


Care for Orphans in a Centre in Madurai

This is a great project if you love working with babies and young children and want some hands on experience! You will be involved with the day to day running of the Orphanage and help the nurses wash, feed and play with the children.   

The Orphanage is a home for victims of female infanticide and abandoned children. There are around 20 children at the orphanage, but this number changes frequently as new children are brought in or are adopted.

Care for Children with Learning and Physical Disabilities in India

Care for Children with Learning and Physical Disabilities in Madurai

You'll assist in a large institution based in Madurai that cares and schools approximately 160 children ranging from babies to the age of 4 or 5. About 130 of these students are provided with residential care; the others are brought to the school each day by their parents.

The children mainly suffer from Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Autism, Epilepsy, Deafness and some of the children are slow learners and dyslexic. The aim of the school is to help the children to study, build confidence and develop essential life skills.

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