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Play a meaningful role in helping to preserve and rehabilitate abused, threatened or endangered species. Suitable for your volunteering gap year or career break, and for mature volunteering.

Animal Conservation in a Wildlife Park in Bunbury

AUSTRALIA: Animal Care in a Rehabilitation Centre in Perth:
A rewarding opportunity to volunteer at a fascinating Wildlife Rehabilitation centre that provides medical care and rehabilitation to sick, injured and orphaned wildlife throughout the whole of Perth.

You'll assist in taking care of a variety of different mammals, reptiles and birds that need help, as well as working with plants and trees, habitat restoration and heritage protection. like wallabys, possoms, kangaroos, lizards, tortoises, snakes and a range of different birds, such as cockatoos and swallows and many more!.

AUSTRALIA: Volunteer with Dolphins in Western Australia
Up close and personal with wild Dolphins!
Contribute to the well-being of dolphins in an idyllic setting at a non-profit Centre committed to dolphin research, education, conservation and tourism. The Centre enables people to interact with Bottlenose dolphins in a variety of ways.

There are up to 100 dolphins living in the Bay and groups of them regularly visit the shallow waters in front of the Centre.

The project runs from 1 October to 31 May every year.

AUSTRALIA: Animal Conservation in a Wildlife Park in Bunbury
Work with animals, birds, plants, ecosystems, tourism and more, in an organisation that is dedicated to conserving Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems.

The Wildlife Park is a community-based volunteer-run organisation offering a Native Animal based experience, grounds keeping experience, retail/tourism experience, or a combination to suit your individual requirements.

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Marine Conservation on an island in Cambodia on your gap year or career break

Temple conservation in Cambodia on a volunteering, gap year or career break with Budget Volunteering

CAMBODIA: Marine Conservation on a Stunning Island

Experience genuine Cambodian life, culture and natural environments, well away from the tourist trail on this remote Island

  • Gain first-hand experience in coral reef surveying

  • Gain experience and education in marine conservation and ecology

  • Become a fully qualified diver,

  • Complete an emergency first-aid response course

  • You'll also get involved with local educational community projects working towards a sustainable future.

Temple Conservation and Restoration

The secret and hidden area of Banteay Meanchey contains some of Cambodia's best kept secrets, the ancient temples of Banteay Chhmar. These are widely regarded as some of the most important archaeological complexities of the Angkor period. 

On this voluntary temple restoration project you'll be working with a local team to assist in the renovation and preservation of the temples. 

Care for and conservation with pandas in China CHINA: Help Care For and Conserve Pandas in Ya'an
Give your time to caring for and researching these magnificent gentle giants as they go about their daily lives in the largest Panda base in China.

The focus of the work is on protecting and building a safe environment in which to begin the possible reintroduction of Giant Pandas into the wild.
CONSERVATION: Whale and Dolphin Monitoring and Research Project in Knysna, South Africa

Wildlife Rehabilitation / Care for Animals in KwaZulu-Natal

CONSERVATION: Whale and Dolphin Monitoring and Research Project in Knysna, South Africa

Work with the only licensed and permitted close encounter whale-watching organisation in Knysna. You'll collect research material, including daily sightings of the various species of whales and dolphins, recurring visits and the migratory habits of the whales and dolphins in the area.

This Marine Research programme will expose you to all parts of this exciting industry, from conservation and research to all other aspects of the day-to-day running, including marketing, liaising with clients, crewing and guiding on the boats, doing land to sea whale spotting, assisting with community projects and educating the local children about the sea and lagoon.

SOUTH AFRICA: CONSERVATION: Wildlife Rehabilitation / Care for Animals in KwaZulu-Natal
Up close and personal with Vervet Monkeys and many other wildlife and birds, most of whom have been injured or abandoned.

Work with over 400 different animals and birds, and lots of monkeys! Work usually involves hands-on caring and nursing of injured or baby animals, e.g. bottle-feeding them or cleaning wounds. You'll mother it and care for it until it is recovered and can be released back into the wild.

SOUTH AFRICA: CONSERVATION: Multi-Marine Project with Sharks, Whales and Dolphins, near Cape Town
This is an extraordinary project in a beautiful location, white beaches and blue ocean. And two hours from Cape Town!

Work with sharks, whales, penguins, tourism, research and community development. You’ll be taught, guided and lectured by very skilled field teams. You'll go on whale watching trips, see the hundreds of seals on Dyer Island. And of course there's the Great White Shark, the greatest predatory force of the seas that remains a mystery to man.

SOUTH AFRICA: ANIMAL CARE: Care for animals in a Wildlife Sanctuary
Hands-on work with injured or abandoned animals in a
Sanctuary set in a small private game reserve in the Eastern Cape. You'll help in hand-rearing, feeding and generally looking after many different animal species, including over 250 different species of birds. The animals all need love and attention to prepare them for life back in the wild

SOUTH AFRICA: CONSERVATION: Zululand Wildlife and Game Reserve Conservation Expedition
Get involved with exciting, endangered and priority species conservation work in the heart of Africa. You'll work across up to four different Game Reserves.

You'll work with a professional team supported by WWF, with Cheetah, African Wild Dog and Black Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo. Experience genuine conservation work and discover Africa!

Turtle Conservation Volunteering Project Abroad in Sri Lanka with Budget Volunteering

Turtle Conservation Volunteering in Ambalangoda in Sri Lanka

Volunteer to work on this turtle conservation project in Sri Lanka whose aims are to help prevent the extinction of sea turtles. They are currently classed as a critically endangered species.

You will help in the rehabilitation and release back into the sea of turtles that are usually victims of commercial fishing. Apart from treating injured and sick sea turtles,

Care for Elephants in an Elephant Sactuary in Kanchanaburi in Thailand on a voluntary project with Budget Volunteering

THAILAND: Care for Rescued Elephants in an Elephant Sanctuary in Kanchanaburi
Help to take care of rescued and sick elephants. You'll work hands-on with them, including swimming with the elephants, preparing food and making sure the elephants are comfortable.

The rescued elephants are relocated to the Sanctuary. Many of them were injured, sick or unable to survive where they had been previously located, Instead they are cared for in the Sanctuary, with your help.

Mom Epic and Baby Kudo

USA: Care for and Rehabilitate Abused Wild Mustangs in Florida
Assist in a Centre that rescues mustangs that would have been put to death. The horses are nursed back to health and then trained with positive reinforcement and love to become adoptable.

These traumatised horses must spend time with lots of different people, to learn that not all people are bad! This is critical in order for them to be adopted into homes where they'll be well looked after for the rest of their lives.

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