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Care for and conservation with pandas in China

Help Care For and Conserve Pandas in Ya'an
Give your time to caring for and researching these magnificent gentle giants as they go about their daily lives in the largest Panda base in China, where the focus is on protecting and building a safe environment in which to begin the possible reintroduction of Giant Pandas into the wild.
Minimum duration is 1 week.


Volunteer with Children in a Kindergarten in Fengyan in China on a

Care with Young Children in a Kindergarden in Fengyan
Volunteer in a Kindergarten where the children are about 4/5 years old. They are mainly from the poor villages in and around the area – they will be excited to see you.

The kindergarten is informal and the children will want to play with you more than be ‘taught’. If you can start to get them enthused about coming to school, and perhaps give them a few very basic English phrases such as simple greetings, you will have done a great and enjoyable job! 



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