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Temple conservation in Cambodia on a volunteering, gap year or career break with Budget Volunteering


Category: Volunteering, gap year and career break in Cambodia

Work with a local team to assist in the restoration, renovation and preservation of the ancient temples of Banteay Chhmar. Activities on this project are wide-ranging and fascinating!

These temples in the secret and hidden area of Banteay Meanchey are widely regarded as some of the most important archaeological complexities of the Angkor Period


PRICES Please see the Prices Page - prices for all projects and all lengths are listed and you can also choose which currency you'd like to see them in.
Start Dates All year round - you choose your start and finish dates! The programme begins every Monday and lasts for 4 weeks.
Duration From 1 week to 12 weeks, subject to visa requirements
Requirements Minimum age 17, no qualifications necessary (just a good dose of enthusiasm).
What's included
  • Arranging your Programme
  • Full pre-departure support and assistance
  • Payment Protection Insurance
  • Meeting you at the airport
  • Accommodation
  • Food (breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week, breakfast and lunch on weekends)
  • local in-country team support and backup
  • 24-hr emergency support.
What's not included
  • Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Cost of Visas (if a visa is required)
  • Airport return transfer

Temple conservation in Cambodia on a volunteering, gap year or career break with Budget Volunteering


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This project aims not just to restore but to conserve the temple of Banteay Chmar in its natural state. For the local people, this temple holds a special place within the community, not only as a place of common ground, but also as a sanctuary, and of course, somewhere to practice their worship.

The commune of Banteay Chhmar contains 14 villages and there are 4 villages around the temple with 6,312 pleople. The name was taken from the large temple, called Banteay Chmar, which translates to Small Base.

This project is important to the local people in this area. By these projects we hope to get more and more tourists, both Khmer and foreigners, to visit this area so that the local economy is boosted.

You'll receive instruction while on the project.


Your programme will start with an introduction week where you’ll visit cultural sites in Siem Reap and learn about language and rich culture of Cambodia. It’s a great way to get to the town and everything required to make your stay more comfortable.

After Siem Reap you will move on to the location of your programme where the introduction week continues. If your programme is 2 weeks or less you can choose to do a few days or opt out of the introduction week and go straight to your project. Please let your Project Coordinator aware of this upon booking.

Sunday :
All volunteers will meet up in Siem Reap and travel to Banteay Chmar by taxi or bus. It takes 1.30 hours from Siem Reap to Banteay Meanchey (Sisophon) and another 1.30 hour from Sisophon to Banteay Chmar. You'll travel to your home stay in the town and arrive in time for dinner.

In the morning, the coordinator will meet all the volunteers to introduce you to Banteay Chmar and to explain about the projects. You'll then explore the village and visit some satelite temples.

You'll return to the home stay to have lunch, then continue onto Banteay Chmar temple (the biggest temple in the area ). You'll visit the local Handicraft Centre (scarf weaving) on the way back.

Tuesday - Friday :
You'll begin to work on the temple's main renovation and preservation. You work responsibilities could include:

  • Clearing the temples by cutting back overgrown bushes, trees and grass in the surrounding area within the grounds.

  • Cleaning up the temples, picking up trash, removal of some stones.

  • Planting trees in the temple compound, making environmental signs.

Saturday - Sunday :
Weekends will be free time. You can stay at the home stay, visit temples and other tourist spots in the region, or go to some of the cities near to Banteay Chmar to do some exploring.

This schedule can be changed and/or amended depending on weather conditions, local conditions and unforeseen circumstances.

Temple conservation in Cambodia on a volunteering, gap year or career break with Budget Volunteering

Temple conservation in Cambodia on a volunteering, gap year or career break with Budget Volunteering

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You will be housed with a local home-stay family in a typical wooden Khmer-style house. You'll share a room with other volunteers. Electricity at the accommodation is available from 5.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. and life in the family home-stay is typically Khmer. Please note that the toilets are not western style (bucket style). This is traditional Cambodian living! Hot water is not available.

All food is included during your stay. The meals will be typical Cambodian fare, including plenty of rice dishes.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided duuring the week, breakfast and lunch on weekends.

A little about Cambodian food:
Cambodian food has generally been influenced by Chinese and French cuisine, and also shares many common dishes with Thai food, although not as spicy. The staple food for Cambodians is rice. Almost every meal includes a bowl of rice, although noodles are also popular. A wide range of curries, soups and stir fried are served with rice. Typically, Cambodians eat their meals with at least three or four separate dishes. A meal will usually include a soup, or samlor, served alongside the main courses. Each individual dish will be either sweet, sour, salty or bitter. Chilli is usually left up to the individual to add themselves.

Khmer cuisine also uses many vegetables, some of which are very unusual, such as different and unusual local varieties of melon, beans and squash. Fish is the most common form of meat in Khmer cuisine, including dried salted fish known as trei ngeat. Getting to taste and know local cooking is one of the many delights of living in a foreign country.

Temple conservation in Cambodia on a volunteering, gap year or career break with Budget Volunteering

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Surrounded by beautiful rice fields, lakes and jungles Truly one of mankind’s most incredible achievements, this ancient city of temples will take your breath away and leave you traipsing through a mystical magnificent past.

Built between 800 - 1200 AD by the Khmer Empire, more than 200 temples have been restored. Angkor Wat is a symbol of Cambodia and is the country's prime attraction for visitors.

is a lively stop off destination on the South Asia tourist trail! With the flat plane jungle ruins catapulted to fame via Lara Croft just over the outskirts, the town is geared up for travellers. This is no more evident than in ‘Pub Street’ a place to drink beer and make new friends.

Siem Reap was a fashionable destination for the 1960’s elite pack wanderers and, according to the Lonely Planet, is once again one of the most popular spots on the planet today, having reinvented itself as the heart of Cambodia, scattered with guesthouses, superb food and a steady flow of tourists from near and far.

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