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Affordable volunteering programmes overseas in Conservation, Care, Teaching

Care for Children and Orphans on Voluntary Projects Overseas with BVOL Animal and Wildlife Conservation and Rehabilitation Voluntary Projects Abroad with BVOL
Teaching Children in Schools and Creches overseas with BVOL Coach Sports to Children Abroad with BVOL
Learn a Language on a Course Overseas with BVOL# Cultural Courses Abroad with BVOL


Worthwhile and Affordable Volunteer Projects Worldwide

Volunteer on projects that need your help. You can volunteer during your gap year, your career break or just as a short but interesting holiday overseas!

We have projects in Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Australasia where you can volunteer from 1 week to 6 months. Available to ages 16 years and upward. Suitable for voluntary work, cultural exchange, study abroad, gap year and career breaks.

Open to all nationalities. So whether you're Wanting to give something back during your holiday, Taking a gap year break after school or university, Looking for a rewarding career break, or Retired and want to have an exciting experience ...

You'll have an unforgettable, fun time knowing that
YOU have made a difference!